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Ladies Love Country Boys

Parents want the best for their daughters. They send them to all these fancy colleges, hoping they’ll meet a doctor-to-be. Instead, this girl meets a gorgeous country boy who is always there for her, and understands her mental, physical and emotional needs. They can’t understand why their daughter falls for a country boy? Have you seen them lately? They’re hot.

I Came Here To Live

Beautiful and poetic. The music is fantastic. This should’ve been the first release off the album. It’s honest, pure, and it talks about his life growing up as a kid. He wanted to get away from his home town, and his parents warned him that he wasn’t in that town to die, but to live. He got into a bad car wreck, and found Jesus. He built his life and Trace waited for 18 years for his boy to open his eyes. If he did, then he’s got one helluva a dad, and his name is Trace Adkins.  


If you’ve ever seen the video for Swing, it’s one of the cutest next to Honky Tonk Badonkadonk. It’s real cute having Trace dressed up like the grounds crew at Spring Training. Trace tries to pick up the brunette in the hall by telling he went to Harvard. Meanwhile, he never went to college. I take it as Trace playing a character who was overlooked and wasn’t brought into the major leagues. But the bitch is, I take it as a pick-up song. It’s your actual male pick-up song. It’s pure, raw sex, but done country style. When he swings that bat, you see that pelvis going, and you know it’s Trace “Pelvis” Adkins going.  

Ain’t No Woman Like You

This is my personal opinion. Ain’t No Woman Like You is a beautiful love ballad. If you are a country music lover, whether you’re from the city or country, this song is right for a wedding proposal or wedding reception. That’s because he’s expressing his love and adoration for her. She’s irreplaceable. Since she’s come into his life, this world has been a wonderful place. If he was to lose her, he would be lost.

Southern Hallelujah

He’s describing every woman he’s met across the country. But, he loves Southern women best. What Trace doesn’t understand is that no matter where you’re from, all us women dot our “i”s and cross our “t”s. It doesn’t matter what’s on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that matters most.

I Wanna Feel Something

Trace has been through a lot in his lifetime. Two failed marriages and one good marriage that is still together. Everything that has passed in his life, he still remembers that first kiss with the red head. He watches the news and sees the same bullshit, but doesn’t feel it. He just doesn’t believe it and wants all the bad stuff in the world to end. His emotions are so tied up because he’s been burned by previous relationships that he can’t relate to his wife sometimes. He has a new life and new wife who is standing by him. It’s like Tammy Wynette trying to tell you to Stand By Your Man. She’s standing by you, and you need to stand by her. Even though you’ve been screwed over, talk to her.


Adkins is non-judgmental. He likes whiskey, smoking some cigarettes. He gets high by performing, or when he’s driving along with his family on a Saturday. Most of all, he loves it when he sings a song and he asks that one special person to sing it back to him. That gets him high. I just know that I get high every day on life, and hope I have a great day tomorrow when I see the sunset approaching. I get myself high in my own special ways.

Fightin’ Words

Not much drives Trace to fight. He’s mostly a pacifist, walking miles out of his way to avoid a fight. But, if you talk about the things he loves the most: God, his mama, his dog, or the U.S.A., that’s another story. Then he’ll come after you. Just don’t push his buttons.

The Stubborn One

This song is a tribute for his grandfather about all the great memories they shared. Like when they saw Hank Aaron. Most of all, his grandfather stood up for what he believed in, and that’s where Trace gets it. No one will strip him of love and money like his grandfather was stripped. Trace learned not to let anyone kick him in the ass.

Remember your freedom of speech, and don’t let anyone hold you back.


Trace talks about his fans as family. He just can’t wait to ride to the next stop to meet his family that he’s built through his music. He loves the sound of the diesel engine on that bus. Even though he can’t sleep at night, it’s his inspiration for writing his music.

Words Get In The Way

This is the perfect song for a feuding couple who need to reconcile, because Trace only knows how to apologize through his music. He just wants to say sorry and start again. He loves her and doesn’t want to lose her. He just wants to apologize and make love and start the relationship again.

Honky Tonk Badonkadonk (Video Mix)

The re-mix is played on the video. But, I have the same response to this as the original version. This version is more upbeat and country disco. You might hear it in a dance club.

You go into any bar. Trace is making a point. If any rapper can talk about ass, then why can’t he? He’s all about Honky Tonk Badonkadonk. His video is something you can’t miss. We all like the same piece of ass.


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