Twelve Tribes: The Rebirth of Tragedy


Twelve Tribes is: Adam Jackson-Vocals. Andrew Corpus-Guitar. Kevin Schindel-Guitars, Vocals. Matt Tackett-Bass. Shane Shook-Drums.

This cd will beat you into submission. It will beat you until you want to give that boy from Dayton, Ohio-Adam Jackson, a big fluffy hug. Adam isn’t your typical growler. There is a fucked up hip hop element that works with him and the band in this cd. The music is thick and brutal and you will love it. -Andy Corpus and Kevin Schindel. Who plays lead and who plays rhythm in this band? Who cares. The guitar playing is magnificient, hot, thick, creamy, juicy ahhhh. I have a thing for great guitar playing. I love Vai. I love Malmsteen, and I love these two. It is over the top. Matt Tackett on bass is the thunder for Twelve Tribes and Shane Shook is the lightening. Let’s look at the tracks:

Post Replica-Anti-religion and pro-spirituality. Post replica is a reference to icons, religious icons. The blood is the life, and Adam becomes Christ himself here. Take of my blood.

Baboon Music-Creationism vs. The Bible. There is always a struggle in a Twelve Tribes song. It is pretty midwest to struggle between what society thinks and what is. All things should be taught. All things should be considered.

Translation of Fixes-Life vs. Death. It can’t get much deeper than that.
Should I stay in spite of everything I know about everybody, or should I resort to the impulse to escape the living in order to escape the humiliation of the soul. -Adam wins. It won’t be the end of me.

Venus Complex-So many albums have a ‘THAT BITCH BROKE MY HEART’ song. This one is done tastefully with much growling, hammering guitars, and stinging drums. Go ahead kids. This one is poetic.

Backburner-It was the death of a dream, or someplace in between that inspired this song. Everyone I know has given up something for somebody or something else at some point along the way. Everyone has had to put a dream or two on the backburner, and that is fucking tragic.

Chroma-We all want an angel to guide us out of hell. We all want to see light at the end of the tunnel. The hero in this song wants a girl to take him out of the pain so he can be happy on the otherside-but wait.
Look what she has done to him. Adam, you are better off without her. Find yourself a groupie.

The Train Bridge-Tied to a train track waiting for death-That is what this song reminds me of. It is urgent, panicked, and dark. We have all had that feeling before now haven’t we.

Godshaped War-This is the epic poem of the cd. I am the alpha and the omega. I am the begging and the end. ‘I am the ascent and the fall.’ This song is very much about the end of days as Adam sees it. The lyrics are a massive poem. The music is thick and overwhelming creating that sense of urgency, panic, and relief. This is the best track off of the cd.

Luma-The answer to a lot of problems people have in life. Look through they eyes of another person looking at you. Try to see the other person’s point of view.

Flight of the Pathogen-This song leaves the listener searching for the answers. Most likely, there is or was a follow up song that will start the next album. But then again, isn’t it tragic that there wasn’t a clear end to the cd.

The Rebirth of Tragedy is pretty fucking good. Twelve Trbes is going places. The music is hard enough and tight enough. The fans are going to love it no matter what. The cover art is excellent, but I would like to see a clearer theme in the work. I want the whole story to hold together during the album. Would I tell you to buy it? Fuck yeah, especially if you are a fan of extreme shit. Do I think they can give us a little more? Fuck yeah. Do I think they will? Fuck yeah. -So I will give this one seven fuck yeah’s out of ten. See you next time you are in town boys.


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