Uncrowned – Devils and Angels EP

By Barbara Fara

President and CEO of MusicIncider.com


Jack Andrad – Guitars, Backing vocals

Stephen Bizzell – Lead Vocals

Stuart Clark – Bass, Backing Vocals

Scott Sellers – Drums



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I remember the first time I saw Jack Andrad; back then he was still a young man – he had spiked blond hair, and I remember the band and how they used to be. They were the very definition of Atlanta’s metal scene: what State of Man did for the emo/rock scene for Atlanta, Jack and the boys were doing that for the metal scene in Atlanta. This is one local band, that has had more show dates across the country than any other band in Atlanta. The band is a sweet band, the boys are nice, and if you ever get to go to one of their shows, just make sure to request the old Uncrowned tracks and you will see what I’m talking about. What you are about to read is still the Uncrowned that I love, but at some point the boys have to go back to their metal roots. They have done something weird. Where they were once a hard hitting metal band, they have turned into an emotional banana cream pie. Jack, I am trying to be nice. You know me Jack, I love you, but what exactly happened to you that night you fell out of that van coming back from Alabama when you hit your head and everyone thought you were dead?


If you didn’t like the old sound of Uncrowned, maybe you will dig their new sound. Jack, you are still one of the founding fathers of rock/emo/metal of Atlanta. As I said earlier, you are one of the neo-grandfathers of the music scene in Atlanta. And we can never forget that. One day, I would really love to see the Uncrowned I met eight years ago, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love the band. Jack, if you ever need a shoot done, you know who to call – me! So kiddies, from around the world and the Georgia area, lets listen to the new Uncrowned.


  1. Devil In My Hand – Jack and the Uncrowned has written – this is like a self-autobiography – once a very hard hitting band but then they realized that they were not going to get the level of fame they wanted unless they went along with what the music biz wanted them to. The message is that you have never walked in their shoes. They have gone through so many changes over the years that it makes me cry that they would write such a bio of their career. This should be the first release off their album. This reminds me of the old Uncrowned.


  1. Remember Your Ghost – This is dedicated to the families of the victims of 9/11 and Katrina and all those lost souls and all the families that are looking for the answers from these two massive tragedies. Try being a family member of 9/11 or Katrina that lost someone. All these lost souls asking their family members – are you okay? You must keep standing up for us and that is what Jack and Uncrowned are standing up for.


  1. Burning Beds – Every woman that is in a relationship with a member of a band has to understand what that band member has to sacrifice to make it big. They are releasing more of their emotions here at least, which is good. Women have to understand that they will be on the road for 365 days a year. Their women are loved, and they don’t want to end their relationships with them; just a little understanding.



  1. Waking In White Lights – Why are they trying to run from their past and who they truly are? Running from the shadows does no good, it will only catch up to you. Someone is trying to send you a message, you have to face the past or it will find you. Keep one foot in the past and one in the future but you have to live for today. Start thinking like that, boys, and maybe you will see the message you are channeling in this song.


  1. Believe In Goodbye – Boys! Are we running a crematorium?! This could have been done so much softer and so much more emotionally. This would have been a much better song if it had been done more gently. Don’t know where they got phoenix in ashes from – they must be watching a lot of X-men. It should have been made into a ballad. It’s a beautiful wake up call for any relationship where one partner does not understand where the other is coming from – you will always wonder what if, what if, what if…



I love the Uncrowned, I love Jack I love Stephen, Stuart and Scott. They are well-tuned fine musicians; they are something not to laugh at and Jack knows that when I make these cute little comments he knows where I am coming from. If you ever go to an Uncrowned show, they will start out with material from their new EP called Devils and Angels, but do not stay just for the opening songs – stay for the whole set. They will also do their earlier musical offerings of metal/rock. Jack is a wonderful guitarist and should be endorsed by Dean by now. He should also think of doing more than back up vocals but also doing some leads. Stuart should also take the helm at the mike. Stephen who is a wonderful fantastic vocalist if he can go from gut wrenching metal to what he is doing now – that is called talent. The drummer, Scott Sellers, reminds me of a young Jason Bonham, he is like a reincarnation of his father John Bonham of Led Zeppelin fame. The problem with the album is this; and I don’t mean to be cruel or insensitive, but each song starts out the same, same beat, same chord, same sound. The band is taking the music from each song and remixed the notes. There comes a time when you have to go back to your roots and play what you want to play. You are not Franz Ferdinand, you are the Uncrowned. You are Atlanta’s diamond in the rough, so lets polish up this diamond and go back to you roots. That doesn’t mean I am saying not to buy the album or go see them, that message I left above was specifically to Uncrowned, and it is simply don’t sell yourself short. I would buy their cd, see their shows and ask for their earlier albums and you will see what Musicincider is talking about. Otherwise, I think the album is a hit.




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