Vader at The Masquerade
10/31/03 Atlanta, GA

VADER is: Peter – guitars, vocals. Mauser – guitars. Doc – drums. Novy – bass.

Who the hell is Vader? Vader is yet ANOTHER one of those bands that has busted ass and has not yet hit the big time. Vader formed back in 1986. Vader formed in communist Poland, and Vader was one of the first bands to come out from in back of the Iron Curtain-when there still was one and it must have been really fucking HARD. Historically speaking, we should be watching Vader for that reason alone. Vader should have been important for that reason all by itself-but we have a tendency in this country not to pay attention to shit unless we see it on MTV or on the cover of the Rolling Stone. –So hey, there are little fucked up magazines like mine out there that know a great thing when they see it and trust me children, if you are into death metal you will be into Vader. –What the hell does Vader sound like over all? Vader has a sound that reminds me of Morbid Angel and Slayer. It IS heavy, full of melody, and THICK. Vader doesn’t get up on stage and put on silly fucking rubber masks, because that would WRECK the sound and distract people from listening to the music. Vader does not paint them selves up and look fucking stupid. Vader gets up on stage and lets it all hang out. Take my word on this, local Atlanta powerhouse Prime Mover is going to grow up and be a helluva lot like Vader.
Peter has a huge vocal style that reminds me of a lot of Frankenstein from Opeth. On stage, Peter becomes the narrator of this HUGE fucking death metal opera that seems like it could go on for hours, but not in a way that would piss you off. Peter reaches down your throat and grabs your pain and waves it around for everyone to see. Peter is THE RINGMASTER. Oh, and he plays a pretty fucking great guitar. –Mauser on guitars just seems like is dying to be cut loose from his choker chain and be allowed to wander around the stage, the audience, and the building. Mauser has a lot to say-and that fucking guitar of his says it for him. –Doc on drums reminds me of DJ Tardy of Obituary and AWK. He hangs with the best if the death metal boys any day of the week. –Novy on bass is no fucking disappointment either. He seems to add this fucked up little jazzy, rhythm and blues thing to Vader’s sound. –In short, Atlanta fucking loved them. They made the floor shake and the roof leak at The Masquerade. They put on a GREAT live show, and FUCK YES you want to see them when they came to a town near you.

Necrolust Demo 1989
Morbid Reich Demo 1990
The Ultimate Incantation CD/MC 1993
The Darkest Age-Live’93 CD/MC 1994
Sothis MCD/MC 1995
De Profundis CD/MC 1995
Future Of The Past CD/MC 1996
Reborn in Chaos CD/MC 1997
Black To The Blind CD/MC 1997
Kingdom MCD/MC 1998
Vision & Voice VHS 1998
Live in Japan CD/MC 1998
Litany CD/MC 2000
Reign Forever World CD/MC 2001
Angel of Death CDS-E 2002
Revelations MC/CD 2002

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