Vehemence: Helping The World To See


Vehemence: Bjorn Dannov-Guitars. John Chavez-Guitars. Andy Schroeder-Drums. Mark Kozuback-Bass, Backing Vocals. Nathan Gearhardt-Lead Vocals.

I have to admit, I am pretty new to Vehemence. I didn’t pick up a copy of …And God Was Created. I interviewed John Chavez for the last issue (see the archives). –So I wasn’t expecting anything at all. What I found was the usual excellence in guitar players and drummers that comes out of Metal Blade. Honestly, I haven’t heard anybody that I think sucks as a musician come out of Metal Blade yet-and that is fucking unusual. I am ALWAYS the first one to say somebody fucking sucks. –What I found to be cool was John Chavez’s power solos. I love the riff in death metal. I love the fact that Chavez and Dannov switch on and off between fucking lead and rhythm. They both sound a hell of a lot like Steve Swanson from Six Feet Under to me. Mark Kozuback has a edgy bass thing happening that reminded me of Terry Butler. No, Vehemence is NOT an SFU rip off, I am just going with the best comparison. What is most impressive is the level of maturity in the lyrics and subject matter-look at Spirit of the Soldier-anti-war to the max. This song also has that blasting death metal feel to it, so for the most part it is pretty fucking different. Somebody has to answer the question about what soldiers in 2004 are dying for. –Look at the way Gearhardt blasts those lyrical death metal vocals in You Don’t Have To Be Afraid Anymore. He has that desperate feel that somebody who thinks killing their kid is the only right thing to do in order to protect them. Nobody ever said it was the right thing to do, but nobody has the balls to crawl inside of that sort of desperation other than a death metal band. –My favorite track was TRINITY BROADCASTING (KNOW YOUR ENEMY). I hate televangelists. They prey on people who don’t have a job and don’t have hope. Give me your money and GOD will bless you. When I think about it, it makes me want to start a mother fucking church. It also leaks a central theme for Vehemence-you are your own savior. You are the only one who is going to fix your problems. There isn’t going to be any healing or redemption by signing over your life savings. –The cover art on this CD is fucking gorgeous. It doesn’t have the gore on the cover. It actually has something to do with the over all concept of the music. Over all-it is a smart fucking CD with important shit to say about life, the universe, and everything. This one is in my CD player right behind Graveyard Classics II by Six Feet Under, and I give it a 9 out of a possible 10 OH FUCK YEAH’s.


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