Vomitory: Primal Massacre


Vomitory: Erik Runqvist-Vocals, Bass. Urban Gustafsson-Guitar. Ulf Dalegren-Guitar. Tobias Gustafsson-Drums.

Vomitory is like early Cannibal Corpse and Merciful Fate. They have an absolutely brutal balls to the wall sound that will fucking wail you. They are death metal. They are black metal-and I fucking disagree with the buzz about the album. The buzz says that Vomitory will never be anything more than a minor underground death metal band because they don’t try anything NEW or SHOCKING on Primal Massacre. –I have news for you. Nothing new or shocking has been done in music in a long fucking time. Absolutely nothing. There was only one Dio, one Black Sabbath, one Nirvana, one Death, and one Six Feet Under. –Maybe the band should try to do something different themselves, like be a gore band like Gorerotted. Maybe the band should take some more chances, I can’t disagree with that. Look at how people are bitching about that fucking masterpiece Graveyard Classics II by Six Feet Under-people seem to hate you when you take a fucking chance. –But bear in mind that since Vomitory was formed there has been no fucking stability in the line up, and what we have with fucking Primal Massacre is an attempt to stabilize the band. Yes, there isn’t a fucking thing you haven’t heard before, but name somebody that is truly different. Everybody can be compared to somebody. –So let’s let that shit go for a minute. We have a standard death metal album that will appeal to the masses. Yes, it is a fucking formula. The cover is red with skulls-pretty much par for the course. The music is thick and heavy-Rundqvist, Gustaffsson, and Dalegren do a great job on guitars. Tobias Gustaffson is a true fucking standout on the drums. You can’t be a musician in a death metal band and suck. The vocals are excellent on the CD. –I would like the band to incorporate some fucking melody ever now and again like Akercocke. Let the guitar players off of their choker chains every once and a while. Believe it or not, the kids at the death metal gigs love the fucking guitar players. I would like to see the band take a stand on anything in their lyrics-death metal with a message-like AMERIKA THE BRUTAL or SPIRIT OF THE SOLDIER or they can take us on a total fantasy trip like GOREROTTED. I would like to see the band have a total concept behind their CD-we had a real chance here with a title like Primal Massacre. They could have taken us on a little trip though the destruction of the primal soul, or the destruction of innocence-this shit would have also appealed to the black metal crowd. Instead, we have yet another death metal standard and that is why people are bitching. The want more, and there is the potential for more there. I want Chris Barnes to produce their next album. With his relentless drive for fucking perfection, I think Vomitory could rise above the trenches. –Sorry kids, you get a six out of ten. You got the six for being kick ass musicians.

Track Listing:
Primal Massacre
Gore Apocalypse
Stray Bullet Kill
Epidemic (Created To Kill)
Demon’s Divine
Autopsy Extravaganza
Condemned By Pride
Cursed Revelations
Chainsaw Surgery

About The Band (Courtesy of Metal Blade Records):
Vomitory was formed in 1989 by guitarist Urban Gustafsson. Under the influence of the growing underground scene and bands such as Sodom, Napalm Death, Slayer and Venom, they spread their name in the worldwide underground scene by releasing some demos in the early nineties.
Tours / Festivals
1997 European tour w. Deranged/Shadows of sunset
1998 Fuck The Commerce festival, Germany
1998 European tour w. Deranged/Mangled/Dawn Of Decay
2000 European tour w. Cannibal Corpse
2000 No Mercy Festival tour w. Deicide/Vader/ Marduk…
2001 Party San Festival, Germany
2001 X-mas tour w. Cannibal Corpse/ Kreator/Nile/ Marduk…
2002 European tour w. Amon Amarth/Callenish Circle
2002 Wacken Open Air festival, Germany
2002 Thrash ‘Em All festival tour, Poland
2004 No Mercy festival tour w. Cannibal Corpse/Hypocrisy…
This year 2004 marks 15 years of existence for Vomitory, and the band is proud to announce the release of their new album, “Primal Massacre”, and a European tour during the year. “Primal Massacre” was recorded in December 2003 at Studio Kuling in Örebro/Sweden. Long time companion Henrik Larsson supervised the recording process and the album was mixed and mastered at Berno Studio. It contains 10 non-compromising death metal anthems and Juan Castellano created its artwork.


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