Xheadz: Dirty Pounding Gasoline


The Xheadz are really called The Shitheadz and they are: Christoph Birx – Vocals. Guido Reuss – Guitars. Andreas Peters – Lead Guitars.
Mark Neschen – Bass. Oliver Beck – Drums.
My first problem is why. Why doesn’t the album cover say Shitheadz? What the fuck? Doesn’t Locomotive like cursing? Everybody likes cursing. Cursing is necessary. Why else would you name yourself The Shitheadz? You hear me people, drop the motherfucking X. It isn’t precious and it has no redeeming artistic value. -What the hell do The Shitheadz sound like? Fucking great. The sound makes me think of Creed on crack. Maybe if the lead singer of Creed did crack instead of being a fucking drunk, Creed could have hped to sound as great as The Shitheadz do. Needless to say-I hate fucking Creed because they are music that sucks. Yeah, I will agree that The Shitheadz have a Motorhead feel to their sound-but I like the Creed on Crack thing so much better. To me, The Shitheadz are hard rock that borders on metal like Anthrax. Let me love that motherfucking guitar player who reminds me of Dave Mustaine-yes, I am talking about Andreas Peters. He has a weird, powerful style. He’s not Mustane-nobody is…but he rules. Christoph Birx on vocals could be a young Ozzy or a way cooler version of that fucking bible thumping drunk from Creed. Guido Reuss on guitars reminds me of Scotty Ian without the prissy, girly bullshit that Scotty is famous for. Mark Neschen on bass reminds me of Mark Neschen on bass-shit he blends in and completes the sound. I like Oliver Beck on drums and I would be interested to see how he comes across onstage. I can’t really compare him to anyone because he just doesn’t really stand out-maybe Terry Bozzio a little bit. Let’s look at the tracks:
Track Listing:
Powertool-Aren’t we all just power tools anyway? If you give somebody enough money, you can get them to do anything can’t you. Impressive lyrics from this German band.

Nitro-Pushing, fast-driving. Can’t you feel the petal hitting the floor? Isn’t the floor really the back of your neck? -The song is very rock and roll. Live Hard, Die Young, and leave a beatiful corpse.

Return of the Demons-The lyrics are very fucking dark. I love the songs about drugs and monkeys on your back. Nothing ever really goes away-it just gets shoved to a back shelf for awhile and then rears its fucking ugly head.

Supersonic-Ground control to Major Tom, take your protein pack and put your helmet on. -If this song is not Bowie inspired, then nothing is. At a minimum, it is about some GREAT fucking acid trip.

Dirty Pounding Gasoline-Nothing ever really changes. Everything sucks and SOME motherfucker has put sugar in your gas tank. Somebody has to spread the gospel. The lyrics are weird and fucking blues oriented. I like it.

The Black Days-I fucking LOVE songs about nervous breakdowns, depression, and being LOCKED UP. Jail is bad. Mental Institutions are bad. If your parents want to lock you up for depression, play happy, take the cash, and go somewhere cool for spring break. You are never going to have it that good again.

The Seven-The Seven sisters? No. A song about killing. I really loved it, because I have a bitch or two I would like to kill. -But You KNOW Christoph’s inspiration for this one is the same old-THAT BITCH BROKE MY HEART. I want Kittie to come out with a song titled FUCK YOU, YOU PIECE OF SHIT.

A New War-I liked how fucking aggressive this one was. I am in a mood and killing sounds great. That is what some music is for-releasing those nightmares and venting those feelings. I fucking loved it.

Burning-So the whole world is coming to an end and your soul is burning? I can get with the fucking program. Everybody feels that way. That’s how artists reach out and connect with people.

Motorjesus-My favorite track. I want to play it for Tammy Faye Bakker at The Masquerade. -It makes fun of ANYBODY who offers the quick fix. This IS the smartest song on the CD.

Unspoken-This one is pretty poetic. The hero in this song is fucking schizophrenic or has MPD.


The lyrics are dark enough for Locomotive. The band has a sound that reminds me of Creed on crack. I really enjoyed the CD, and I want EVERYONE to know that the word SHIT is not all that offensive. Yes, I like the album, and I do believe that the Germans know their fucking metal. I give it a seven OH FUCK YEAH’s out of a possible ten OH FUCK YEAH’s. I can’t wait too see them live.


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